andrew garfield drag arcade fire coachellaWe've come to the point in pop culture where even music videos get teasers, but now that we've seen the full six-minute video of Arcade Fire's "We Exist," we get why they were building buzz.

The emotionally stirring video is "the story of a young person's struggle with gender identity," as per the band, and shows Andrew Garfield struggling to get ready for a night out in a small country town. In a scene reminiscent of the more upbeat song "Wig in a Box" from "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," Garfield shaves his head, puts on make-up and a bra, and tries on different clothes before settling on jeans shorts and a midriff-baring shirt before walking through fields to reach a honky tonk bar. A man approaches and they dance briefly before the guy's friends interrupt and the scene turns ugly.

The video takes a turn for the surreal as Garfield's character begins to dance freely in a now-empty bar; a group of male dancers join the scene and eventually open a glorious doorway to... Coachella.

We know Coachella is a bit of a sensory overload, but didn't anyone notice an anonymous person in a white dress and blonde wig joining the band onstage? No? Well, as we saw two weeks ago in a teaser for the band's song "We Exist," that was Andrew Garfield. The actor, in a white dress, blonde wig, and the same mask-like eye make-up that Win Butler is sporting, appears in the crowd, heads toward the stage, and dances alongside the band to ecstatic cheers from the (real-live Coachella) audience.

It's a superb video with a touching performance from Garfield, who first turned heads with his role in 2007's "Boy A." Now he's a web-slinging superstar, but he obviously hasn't forgotten his dramatic roots.

[via MTV]