The 2014 Billboard Music Awards rocked Las Vegas last night, and there was no shortage of music industry star power and high-concept musical numbers.

The big winners included hit making heavyweight Justin Timberlake, who received seven awards, and band-of-the-moment Imagine Dragons, who took home five.

Didin't catch the big show? Here are a few moments you missed!

Michael Jackson was resurrected via hologram for the new track "Slave to the Rhythm":

Miley Cyrus did her best cover of The Beatles classic "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds":

Robin Thicke dedicated his song "Get Her Back" to estranged wife Paula Patton:

Kendall Jenner declared herself "the worst reader" when she almost called boy band "5 Seconds of Summer" by the name of "One Direction." Oops:

Justin Timberlake made a Donald Sterling joke in his acceptance speech because, why not?:

There you have it, folks! What did you think of the show? What was your favorite performance?

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