godzilla sequel aaron taylor-johnsonWhile Warner Bros. has yet to officially greenlight a sequel to "Godzilla," the fact that the reboot scored a monster $93 million at the domestic box office on its opening weekend certainly bodes well for the film's chances at a follow-up.

With that in mind, Cinema Blend published some excerpts from an interview with "Godzilla" star Aaron Taylor-Johnson that was conducted before the movie's premiere, in which the star discussed what he'd like to see happen in "Godzilla 2," and how the new would-be franchise ties in with another classic monster series.

Taylor-Johnson admitted that he hasn't seen all the classic "Godzilla" features yet, but knows that Mothra is the likely foe that the beast will face in a follow-up. Still, the star would like the sequel to go in a different direction.

"It would be really interesting to see it take place somewhere else, like there's some disaster somewhere else in the world," Taylor-Johnson said. "And if I'm involved then, you know, I'm in the military, so there is a chance of being called out somewhere in the Middle East or something. That could be kind of interesting, I suppose."

Cinema Blend noted that Taylor-Johnson's character's family, the Brodys, seem to have a connection to Godzilla that is reminiscent of the one between the protagonists and antagonist in the "Jaws" series, and the actor said that something along those lines could play out in future films (including one plot point the site says draws directly from "Jaws: The Revenge").

"[It's] sort of a happy coincidence in a way, but I don't know. I mean, I don't know where they'll go with it, to be honest," Taylor-Johnson said of the "Jaws" connection. "If anything, you know, it would be sort of cooler if it was ten years down the line and my son is somehow involved, you know what I mean? You never really know."

"Godzilla" is in theaters now.

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