john stamos full house facebook rantMost 20-somethings who grew up watching "Full House" in the '90s can probably admit today that the show wasn't exactly the best-written series. Just don't let John Stamos know.

The onetime Uncle Jesse went on a Facebook rant against a Huffington Post writer who dared to call out "Full House" and other family-friendly TGIF fare for the so-called Important Life Lessons they aimed -- and often failed -- to impart. But what did blogger Annelia Alex say about the show that was so incendiary? Here's a sample, from a post titled "The Lies I Learned From Dumb TV":

Five minutes before the end of every episode, one of the girls would get upset, run away (to her room, to the top of a baseball dugout, into a Disney parade float, etc.), and one of the adults would say, "I'll go talk to her." Then they would have an issue-resolving, self-affirming heart-to-heart with enough time for a zinger before the credits and theme music. I tried this all the time as a kid and no one ever chased after me.

Seems like pretty harmless stuff. But hell hath no fury like an Uncle Jesse scorned, and -- have mercy -- Stamos didn't take Alex's gentle rebuke kindly.

"[A]nnelia, if you hadn't watched ... shows like FULL HOUSE you wouldn't have been open minded and bright enough to write an article like you just did," Stamos wrote on his personal Facebook page. "[O]n the other hand - don't blame the way your life turned out because of TGIF."

And the actor's tirade didn't stop there. Stamos also admonished the blogger for her unrealistic expectations for family-friendly entertainment, sarcastically suggesting that if she has kids she should have them watch shows like "Breaking Bad" and see what lessons they take from the dark drama.

" ... [T]he happiness that these shows have brought to peoples lives - i've felt that more first hand than i'm sure you have," Stamos wrote. "[A]lso - i bet more good than bad came out of those shows. sorry it didn't turn out that way for you annelia or you simply just weren't bright enough to take the good from what we did and laugh at the rest."

Read the whole message on Stamos's Facebook page, and remember: Don't make fun of "Full House" in public unless you're ready to get an earful from Uncle Jesse.

[via: John Stamos, h/t Uproxx]
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