batman vs superman joker rumors"Batman vs. Superman" cinematographer Larry Fong set off internet alarm bells recently after he posted a photo of a playing card on the film's set, instantly fueling rumors that the Joker will be making an appearance in the "Man of Steel" sequel.

But just how much stock should superhero fans put in Fong's photo? At this point, it seems not much.

As Fong and another Instagrammer hinted at in the pic's comments section, the card is most likely sticking out of a piece of foam from a green screen set, which landed there after Fong performed a trick in homage to a card throwing master named Ricky Jay. Fong even posted a link to a video showing Jay perform some well-known tricks.

Still, that didn't stop people from speculating that the cards were on set precisely because a new Joker is, too, though Fong dismissed such talk. (He later tweeted about the brouhaha, too.) Could the cinematographer's denials be misdirection away from spoilers? Or is this just another example of the rumor mill getting over-excited about the mysterious "Man of Steel" follow-up?

We're leaning toward the latter, though we suppose director Zack Snyder and co. could still have some tricks up their sleeve. We'll know for sure when "Batman vs. Superman" opens on May 6, 2016.

[via: Larry Fong, h/t Cinema Blend]

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