Do you smell that? It's the aroma of fresh cut roses ready to be handed out to eager suitors vying for the attention of one special lady. That's right, folks. "The Bachelorette" is back."

Season 10's main squeeze is Andi Dorfman, an assistant district attorney from Atlanta and fan fave from the infamous Juan Pablo season of "The Bachelor." Last night she met the 25 single guys looking for her love and began her (dare we say it?) "journey." (SPOILERS coming!)

We must say this season began on a somber note, as one of the contestants, Eric Hill, tragically died in a paragliding accident after filming his episodes. Host Chris Harrison explained in the prologue: "Eric passed away shortly after concluding his filming on this show. In the coming weeks, you will see that Eric was a vibrant man. Every day he impressed us with his passion and his courageous spirit. He will be greatly missed and we dedicate this season to him."

After that tribute, things kicked for the charming Ms. Andi, who we were reintroduced to. She hung out with her sister and said she "wanted to have fun" too many times to count. Time to cut to the chase.

It was what we were all waiting for: the moments she meets her limo dudes. Then she played some golf, ate cookies, and received a pair of pants, among other meet-cute activities. She was also interrupted by party crasher Chris Bukowski, a former contestant from Emily Maynard's season of the show, who had waited at the gates to meet her. He was turned away.

Anyway, back to the guys. Let's size up the current competition, shall we?

First, who got eliminated?: Jason, a doctor who used the unfortunate pick-up line "I think you have a fever because you look pretty hot." Rudie, an attorney who attempted attorney humor. Josh B., a telecommunication manager who said Andi "impressed" him last season. Mike, a bartender who tried to pretend the two of them were meeting in a "natural setting" even though there are clearly cameras everywhere and Chris Harrison was thirstily waiting in the wings. Steven, the "Cali boy" who works with snowboards. Emil, who told Andi his name was pronounced "anal with an m." Moral of the story: Don't do doctor, lawyer, or "anal" jokes when meeting "The Bachelorette."

Who looks like a frontrunner? Marcus, a sports medicine manager. Andi could not stop calling him hot. Nick V. a sales exec in polka dots who landed the coveted first impression rose. Josh M., a former pro baseball player, who Andi said was her type. Dylan, an accountant who vulnerably admitted he was nervous. JJ, a "pantsapreneur" with a snazzy bow tie. Marquel, a sponsorship salesman, who gave Andi a sweet cookie tasting.

Get more info and first impressions of the contestants who didn't get cut below, and stay tuned for more "Bachelorette" rankings and coverage as things heat up next week!

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