magic in the moonlight trailerEmma Stone and Colin Firth are two stars that will never wear out their welcome.

The first trailer for Woody Allen's next movie, "Magic in the Moonlight," shows these two are a great onscreen match of the wits (and perhaps more) in spite of a rather ridiculously large age gap.

Emma Stone stars as a charming spiritualist named Sophie who's weaseled her way into the good graces of a rich family of socialites, and Firth stars as a levelheaded fellow who's brought in to debunk her. Naturally, it's not that simple - Sophie's "a visionary and a vision," as one of her fancy client (Hamish Linklater) enthuses, and the things she tells Stanley (Firth) are a bit uncanny. She's also darn charming and clever, so whatever it is that she and her mom (played by Marcia Gay Harden) are plotting has piqued Stanley's curiosity in more ways than one.

Spiritualism and séances were all the rage in the '20s, and between this and the French setting, "Magic in the Moonlight" has the sort of gauzy, dreamy vibe we've seen in previous Allen outings. As Kevin Hagernauth at IndieWire points out, there are an awful lot of callbacks and rehashes of his older movies, but will it really matter? Fans will probably love it, and plenty of people will be skipping it anyway because of the man behind the movie.

"Magic in the Moonlight" opens on July 25.

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Magic in the Moonlight
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