As if Facebook statuses aren't mundane enough -- yeah, great, you went to the gym again -- now the social networking site can determine what you're listening to or watching ... then tell all your friends!

Today, the Facebook mobile app started rolling out a new feature that is able to recognize snippets of songs or television shows. When you type a new status message, Facebook will listen and match the snippet to one in its database (think Shazam). Then, it will prompt you to share the song or show as your current activity.

(And for anyone grumbling about yet another change to Facebook, this is entirely optional.)

For a television show, the app can even match to a specific season and episode. For a song, if it's available via partners Spotify or Rdio, your friends can listen to a preview of it in your feed. Facebook claims that it can recognize a song or show within 15 seconds. And if enough people use the feature, Facebook could even roll out its own version of TV ratings.

So now all your friends can know you watch "Game of Thrones" on Sunday nights ... if they didn't already.

Photo by AP Photo/Matt Rourke, Facebook

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