One of the most talked about shows of 2014 so far was the hauntingly beautiful and totally addictive HBO crime drama, "True Detective." Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson had undeniable chemistry as a pair of cops on a mission to catch a brutal killer in rural Louisiana.

And ever since the first installment came to a close in March, fans of the show have been speculating about who will take the esteemed actors' place. The second season will have an entirely different cast and focus on a new story, and we're mostly in the dark so far, aside from Nic Pizzolatto's hint that it will focus on "the secret occult history of the United States transportation system."

Well, everyone one got pretty excited last night when Nerdist reported that "Zero Dark Thirty" Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain would be joining the cast of season 2. Alas, those rumors were false.

But these casting whispers only got us thinking about who we would like to see riding around in cop cars (or subways?) solving mysteries and shooting the philosophical breeze. There have been talks of a female pairing, which got us thinking even more!

Check out our dream cast pairings for "True Detective" Season 2 below. Who would you like to see on the show?

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