This week was a busy one for our fair maiden of Atlanta, ADA Andi Dorfman. Yup, it was time to get to datin.'

Here are the highlights from week 2's rose filled extravaganza:

-Andi and Eric headed on a one-on-on to the beach and played around in the sand. But wait, there's more! They hopped in a helicopter (this is "The Bachelorette," after all) and flew off to a snowy mountaintop to get private snowboarding lessons.

-Andi's second one-on-one was with farmer Chris. They went off to the races and bet on some horses while decked out in "40s glam," as Andi called it. Then they were treated to a private concert -- a classic "Bachelor / "Bachelorette" move.

-There was a group date where the rest of the suitors were forced to perform as exotic dancers for Andi's viewing (and judging) pleasure. But it was for charity, you guys. Nick S. dressed like a stripper robot which (spoiler alert) didn't work out in his favor...

So, who made it, who got cut, and who are the current frontrunners?

Who's out: Craig, who got way too drunk at one point and totally made a fool of himself. Andi was NOT impressed. Nick S, the stripper robot. Carl the fireman, who we didn't see much of anyway.

Who's up: Andi wasted no time giving Eric a rose after their adventurous date. She also obviously has the hots for Marcus, so we think we'll be seeing much more of him. Nick V, who got the first impression rose last week, got back on Andi's radar after making his own date card. Andi also said she was impressed by Brian after they had a little chat.

This week's MVP: Chris. His date with Andi showed his sweet, sensitive, and committed side. He made Andi believe in the whole process again after the drunk Craig debacle. He also got the first kiss of the season.

Don't count this guy out: Josh M. He and Andi just click and, um, they totally kissed too. He got all honest with her about not being stereotyped as an athlete and they had a moment. Let's keep on eye on him, shall we?

More info, please: There hasn't been much Cody, Tasos, Brett, Marquel, Dylan, Patrick, Andrew, Ron or J.J. action yet. Bradley the opera singer serenaded Andi to a luke warm clap, but he made it through! We'll have to wait and see what these guys have to offer...

Come back next time to see who's up, down, and out on Season 10 of "The Bachelorette."

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