Ah, to be a kid watching TV in the '80s and '90s! There were so many now-classic, fun, and often educational programming options available.

And not many people know informative children's television quite like LaVar Burton, who hosted PBS' beloved "Reading Rainbow," which ran from 1983-2006.

Well, guess what folks? Burton wants to bring "Reading Rainbow" back. The actor has set up a Kickstarter Campaign to help get the series online for a new, web-savvy generation. The show inspired kids to read and taught them about literary themes, skills, and storytelling, and LaVar hopes to bring those ideas back for young audiences everywhere.

"Our goal is to cultivate a love of reading in all children, not just those that have tablets. To reach kids everywhere, we need to be everywhere: we need to be on the web," Burton said of his objective.

This possible revival got us thinking about other cherished kids shows we would like to see return. These programs were highly entertaining and had some of the best theme songs out there.

Check out some of the children's TV shows we would like to welcome back here:

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