johnny depp harry houdiniJohnny Depp is known for disappearing into his roles, but this might take the cake.

Depp is in negotiations to star in an adaptation of a Harry Houdini biography that focuses on the performer's real-life adventures. "The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero" will be based on the book by William Kalush and Larry Sloman, which chronicles Houdini's humble beginnings, awesome feats, and his secret life as a spy.

That's right. Houdini was a spy. He was also buddies with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle until Houdini ticked off Doyle and the Spiritualists by debunking some of their tricks. The movie is described as "in the vein of 'Indiana Jones,'" so it's entirely possible that this will become more of an action/adventure story. Which would be too bad, as the real story about the son of a rabbi who becomes the most famous magician in the world is pretty juicy by itself!

Dean Parisot, who was behind the cult fave "Galaxy Quest" and "Red 2," is directing. Lionsgate is looking to start production this November, in between all of Depp's other projects. He's currently filming "Black Mass," where he plays the real-life mobster Whitey Bulger. He's slated to film the "Alice in Wonderland" sequel "Through the Looking Glass" once he wraps "Black Mass." Depp's also got another go at Pirate Jack coming up with a fifth "Pirates of the Caribbean" flick, although it's not clear if that will film before or after "Houdini."

Whatever the case, we're just happy that Tim Burton is busy.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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