There's no shortage of dancing on the small screen, but its not always where you think.

Sure, we get treated to plenty of impressive moves on "So You Think You Can Dance", which premiered its 11th season last night, and summer series "America's Got Talent" always brings a slew of dancing contestants.

But it's always a welcome treat when our favorite characters or stars cut loose and kick up their heels, even if they're not very good. (Ahem, Elaine Benes.)

Sunday night's "Mad Men" served up a surprising moment when (spoiler!) Bert Cooper signed off by cutting a rug in a dreamy musical sequence. And that's not the only time "Mad Men" has given fans a swinin' interlude. The show joins a roster of programs that have brought memorable dance sequences we still can't help but re-watch over and over.

Here, we round up 10 great TV moments that are all about the dancin':

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