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The rallying cry/intense fever dream of "six seasons and a movie" is inching closer to being a reality: Vulture reports that Sony Pictures Television is in talks with Hulu about reviving the beloved, critically adored, but only marginally viewed comedy "Community" for a sixth season. Somewhere, series creator Dan Harmon is doing a little jig.

"Community," for those of you who were able to drown out the white noise of television critics falling over themselves for things, concerns a community college whose students have a tendency to slip into wacky, meta-textual adventures and, seeing as how long the show as airing, never graduating from college. (I can sympathize with that last part. It took me a while.) The show was created by comedic genius/loose canon Dan Harmon, who was briefly fired from the series for a season, only to be brought back this past year as the show runner/head writer. This was a wise move considering how intrinsically Dan Harmon-y the show was (and maybe still is).

According to the Vulture piece, "Community" reruns have been doing incredibly well on the streaming site, consistently charting as one of the top ten shows on the site. Plus, this kind of move isn't unheard of for not-really-a-TV-channel premium services. Remember when Netflix revived the similarly cultish "Arrested Development?" Not only did it grab a whole bunch of new subscribers, but it entered the public consciousness, for one of the first times, as a solid, threatening competitor to network television and cable.

As the site points out, there's still a long way to go before this actually happens, but for fans of the Greendale Human Beings, this could be a very exciting first step towards making "six seasons and a movie" an actual thing.

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