The world has known Drew Barrymore for pretty much her whole life. We were introduced to the cherubic child with the blonde curls and the adorable scream in "E.T." back in 1982, and now it's hard to remember a time when she didn't appear on the big screen.

Now she's a mom of two, wife, A-lister, and frequent Adam Sandler co-star -- currently in theaters in "Blended." Her career has spanned over 30 years and she hasn't even hit 40.

So, let's go back to the early '80s and check out this little charmer on "The Tonight Show." She talks to Johnny Carson with greatest of ease, and even surprises him by taking out her fake teeth. Just watch:

And in the spirit of her friendship and working relationship with Adam Sandler, look out for his younger self in this clip from "The Cosby Show" below. Adam recurred as Theo's friend Smitty on the series from 1987-1988 before his stint on "SNL":

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