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We all have a soft spot for villains; they're charismatic, they look badass, and more often than not, they steal the show. Disney -- those guardians of "family friendly" entertainment -- have always done a suspiciously entertaining job at bringing larger-than-life bad guys to the big screen. And now that they guide the future of the "Star Wars" universe, and its Sith lords, bounty hunters, and alien scum, they're packing a double helping of trouble!

Moviefone has teamed up with your favorite comic book artistDennis Culver to imagine a monstrous mash-up of Dr. Frankenstein proportions that mutates the baddest baddies in the galaxy with childhood nightmares! Jafar may have already been a creep, but now he's armed with Darth Maul's double-bladed lightsaber!

Check out the gallery below to see what happens when Disney fairy tales and "Star Wars" combine to give you the ultimate legion of villains!

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