How much do you love your favorite dated nineties sitcom? Enough to fashion your amateur hockey team around them? Well, that's what one hockey enthusiast/TGIF superfan decided to do, and the results are genuinely incredible.

A member of The Rippers, a Philadelphia-based amateur hockey team based around the fictional band led by Jesse in "Full House," posted a photo to Reddit (via The Huffington Post), of his team's jersey. And it's a glorious sight indeed: the bright green jersey features an appropriately nineties-era font (the same font, it seems, that the original "Full House" title was rendered with) and a photo of wacky uncle Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos) wailing on the guitar. But it's the little flourishes that endear us to this madman (and make us want to watch hockey for the first time ever): "Cut it out," which was Dave Coulier's catch phrase on the show, is represented by Emoji-like graphics on each sleeve, and the logos for The Smash Club (a fictional venue where the Rippers would frequently play; in "Full House" lore it was later inherited by Jesse) and Wake Up San Francisco, the TV show anchored by Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), emblazon each shoulder.

In short: this is a staggering work of profound genius and the second greatest thing on Reddit after whatever is going on on One True God.

Image courtesy of Reddit
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