More "Breaking Bad" ahead? Bryan Cranston is teasing the possibility.

At the end of the stunning series finale of the AMC series, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) seemed to get what what he deserved when (SPOILERS AHEAD!) he collapsed from a bullet wound in the middle of a meth lab. It was karmic justice: He died in the very place that brought about his downfall.

Or did he?

In an interview with CNN's Ashley Banfield, Cranston slyly called into question whether his character actually perished.

Banfield wondered, "What if the police just take him into custody, he gets better, breaks out and just goes nuts?"

With a cagey smile, Cranston shrugged. "Hey, you never saw [body] bags zip up or anything."

OMG. Could Walter White be alive? Should we start the Kickstarter for a "Breaking Bad" follow-up movie?!

"Never say never," Cranston said.

Yeah, science!

Watch the interview here:

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