left behind trailerAs we all know too well, Bavarian castles don't pay for themselves, and Nicolas Cage will sometimes say "yes" to anything. Sometimes that can lead to smart, challenging work like this summer's "Joe," a micro-budgeted indie that he would have never thought twice about when Cage was riding high in his "Con Air" heyday. But it can also lead to movies like "Left Behind," which, if the just-released teaser trailer is any indication, might be our most ironically anticipated film of 2014 (sorry, "Sharknado 2").

"Left Behind" is based on a series of best-selling evangelical books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, which began in 1995, that dramatize what the world would look like following the rapture. The series had been adapted once before, with 2000's Kirk Cameron-starring "Left Behind: The Movie."

In this remake/reboot/re-imagining Cage plays Ray Steele, an airline pilot whose wife and son are among those who vanish, while his daughter (Cassi Thomson) remains on Earth. Lea Thompson plays Cage's wife, presumably in flashback or vision-from-heaven form, and the cast also includes Chad Michael Murray, who assumes the role that Cameron played in the original.

If all of this is making your head hurt, just watch the trailer, which plays like a much more dour, cheaper version of HBO's upcoming series "The Leftovers," complete with ominous text and baffling lines of dialogue like "The God that my mother talked about would never do something like this!"

Stuntman Vic Armstrong, who wrote a really nifty memoir a few years ago, directed "Left Behind," which has the primo October 3rd slot that such Oscar heavyweights as "Gravity" and "Argo" occupied in years past. (This year the slot presumably belongs to David Fincher's starry adaptation of beloved bestseller "Gone Girl." But "Gone Girl" is perilously Cage-free.) It should probably be a good time to remind everyone that a.) Nic Cage has an Oscar and b.) this subreddit exists solely to bask in his glory.