edge of tomorrow soundtrackThis week's sci-fi extravaganza, "Edge of Tomorrow," starring Tom Cruise as a soldier unwittingly recruited to join an intergalactic war in which he finds himself in a never-ending time loop, is the summer's biggest surprise so far. It's bold, funny, and breathlessly entertaining. It's a movie in which Cruise springs back to life every time that he's killed, and so it's a smorgasbord of tactile sights and, just as importantly, sounds. And you'll get a taste of those sounds thanks to the four exclusive tracks from the movie's accompanying soundtrack album.

Christophe Beck, who got his start scoring Joss Whedon's immortal television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," provided the music for "Edge of Tomorrow," and it's easily one of his most accomplished pieces to date. (This is even more impressive considering he was a last minute replacement for original composer Ramin Djawadi. Hey, it happens.) While there are obvious moments full of ominous tension and dread, the score also has some lighter flourishes, like a moment we wouldn't hesitate to say borders on calypso.

The first track we have, "Angel of Verdun," also serves as the main titles for the film, in which we are brought up to speed on the war between humankind and the deadly Mimics -- the alien menace that are a swirl of tentacles and teeth. (We love the helicopter sound that's layered in, especially because the movie's Angel of Verdun, a warrior played by Emily Blunt, wields a helicopter blade like a sword.)

The second track, which has some nifty electronic flourishes, is called "Mimics and Alphas." This track is all about the Mimics, complete with that militaristic march. If you haven't guessed -- they are very, very scary!

"Decoy," the third track, takes place later in the movie, when Blunt and Cruise are outsmarting the bad monsters. It's more of a mood piece and is wonderfully overwhelming. Again, Beck's subtlety and humor shines through even in something this oppressive (especially with those twinkly synths).

In the fourth track, "They Know We're Coming," gloom settles over the score since, well, the Mimics know our heroes are en route and things are about to get very hairy.

It's wonderful to see a composer like Beck pay his dues on things like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and really come into his own in recent years. He scored last year's blockbuster animated film "Frozen," based on his work on the Oscar-winning Disney short "Paperman," and has contributed a number of lovely scores for a whole host of movies (we really love his score for "Tower Heist," of all things). Hopefully this rip-roaring score for "Edge of Tomorrow" will get him the attention he deserves. On the battlefield of film scores, he's certainly a warrior worth getting behind.

The soundtrack for "Edge of Tomorrow" is out Tuesday (June 3). The movie is out on Friday. Get ready.

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