Last night Andi Dorfman's gaggle of suitors went from boys to men. (Sort of.) Actually, the contestants were forced to sing in a concert with '90s R&B sensation Boyz II Men and the results were... interesting.

Here are the highlights of "The Bachelorette" Season 10, week 3:

-Andi went on a one-on-one with Nick in Santa Barbara. They hiked and talked and hugged and hiked some more. Nick, who seems like a shy, sensitive type, admitted he was "skeptical" about the whole process, but told Andi she was his "crush." The software sales executive put all his emotional baggage out on the table and admitted he had once been engaged for like a minute or something. He got a kiss. He got a rose. He has potential.

-The group date was, in true group date fashion, humiliating and hilarious. The guys had to perform for a crowd on the streets in Santa Barbara and sing "I'll Make Love to You" by Boyz II Men. In front of who? Boyz II Men. Let's just say the Boyz weren't impressed. But Andi was! Everyone had a grand ole time.

-Then Andi went on a one-on-one with pantsapreneur JJ. They (wait for it...) got dressed in old people makeup to see what it would be like to grow old together. They pretended it was their 50th anniversary and fooled little children in the park by acting like they were 80-years-old. Laughs were had. There was a kiss.

But let's get to the goods. Who stays? Who goes? Who was nice? Who was naughty?

Who's out?: Despite having the one-up in the singing competition group date, opera singer Bradley didn't hit a high note. Brett, who lamented not putting himself out there more, also did not get a rose. Tear. Unfortunately Ron exited before the ceremony, after getting a phone call that his friend had passed away.

Who's up?: Andi's face time with Nick proved well for him. He even sent her flowers later in the episode and she got giddy over the gesture. Points to Nick. Cody got to show off his goofy personality and he's fun and sweet! Andi even pranked him by telling him she heard he had a girlfriend back home, which is NOT true, you guys. He took the joke well.

Who's down?:Last week's MVP Chris didn't get much screen time. We miss you, Chris! Marcus, despite getting a rose first at the ceremony, comes off as a little intense, no? He might need to take it down a notch.

Don't count this guy out: Again, Josh M. Andi and him have obvious chemistry, even in a group setting. Which is probably why he got the group date rose.

Season 10 villain?: According to Josh and JJ, Andrew totally got another girl's number while out to dinner. Not cool.

That's the "end of the road" for now. (Boyz II Men 4eva.) Stay tuned for tomorrow for week 3, part 2.

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