Scott Derrickson Dr. Strange Director
Marvel is keeping mum, but word on the street is that the studio has found a director for its newest superhero flick, "Dr. Strange."

Variety reports that Scott Derrickson is in talks for the high-profile gig, and is currently working out a deal with the studio. The flick is set to be part of Marvel's Phase Three slate of projects.

Derrickson only has a handful of features under his belt and all of them have a horror bent, including his most recent picture, 2012's "Sinister." But he also helmed a remake of 1950s sci-fi flick "The Day the Earth Stood Still," which gives him some pedigree for dealing with the odd world of "Dr. Strange," an offbeat Marvel character if there ever was one. Per Variety, Strange is "a former neurosurgeon who serves as the 'Sorcerer Supreme' - the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats."

"Derrickson and Marvel will now look to cast its title character," Variety also reported, "and while there is no front-runner at the time expect a decision in coming months."

We'll have to wait until Marvel makes the news official before we know anything about Derrickson's vision for the flick, but "Dr. Strange" has long been a priority for Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige, so the director must have made a helluva pitch to get selected for the job. And now that that decision is out of the way, perhaps Marvel can make up its mind about who will replace Edgar Wright on "Ant-Man".

via: Variety
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