gravity neil degrasse tyson"Gravity" is a breathtaking, awe-inspiring feat of technological movie-making, but quite a few scientists have pointed out its flaws and lapses in accuracy.

Among them is renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, host of the excellent docu-series "Cosmos." He teamed up with Cinema Sins, the folks behind the "Everything Wrong With ..." line of YouTube videos.

Tyson has long been critical of Alfonso Cuaron's film; he tweeted some of his issues with it last fall. The scientists reads those tweets in the video, including:
Some of "Gravity's" other egregious sins:
- Movie expects us to believe any woman would run off on George Clooney
- Heavy-handed womb imagery
- With a population of 1 inside the escape pod, even now the man gets credit for the woman's idea
- We interrupt the finale of "Gravity" to bring you a quick shot from "Armageddon"

Watch the video to tally the 69 total movie sins of "Gravity":

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