hercules trailerFerocious lions, nine-headed hydras, and humongous wild boars don't stand a chance against The Rock.

A new, full-length trailer is out for Brett Ratner's reimagined version of the "Hercules" myth, and this one is a lot more sly than the first. This might be a sword-and-sandals swashbuckler featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but it also doesn't take itself too seriously.

The trailer shows glimpses of Hercules completing his 12 labours, then embarking on a mission of vengeance. After his family is killed, he battles against the descendants of Hades, aka "hell on earth," to save humanity.

"A man with a cause can be stronger than a god," intones John Hurt's King of Thrace.

Cool monsters, a wicked lion hat, and lots of The Rock flexing his muscles - add in a few jokes, and this "Hercules" could be a lot of popcorn fun. The scenery-chewing cast includes Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell, and Joseph Fiennes.

"Hercules" opens in theaters July 25.

Photo courtesy Paramount

Hercules Movie Poster
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