Plenty of TV shows are coming back this summer and there's still time to catch up on some of them before you tun in for their respective returns. Especially the ones, below, which only have one season under their belts. All of these programs have under thirteen episodes and some have as little as six. That's, like, a night on your couch after work.

Bottom line is: There's still time! Check out these soon-to-return shows that will air second seasons this summer:

'Orange is the New Black' (Returns to Netflix June 6th)
In its first season, one of 2013's most talked-about entertainment events has just thirteen episodes. Watch as Piper Chapman experiences going to jail for a crime she committed ten years prior and get to know the inmates she meets along the way. WATCH NOW.

'Graceland' (Returns to USA June 11th)
Top undercover agents live together in a SoCal beach house known as "Graceland." There are only twelve episodes... go! WATCH NOW.

'Rectify' (Returns to Sundance June 19th)
Sundance's first original series, "Rectify", follows Daniel Holden as he returns to his hometown after 19 years on death row. Six episodes? Piece of cake. WATCH NOW.

'Defiance' (Returns to SyFy June 19th)
This sci-fi drama takes place in 2046. What used to be St. Louis is now called "Defiance" and aliens have touched down on earth. There are twelve episodes in the first season. WATCH NOW.

'Last Tango in Halifax' (Returns to PBS June 29th)
The British drama with only six eps in the first season hails from the BBC One, landing on PBS for your viewing pleasure again this summer. Two seniors reunite on social media for romance sixty years after first meeting. WATCH NOW.

'Under the Dome' (Returns to CBS June 30th)
CBS premiered "Under the Dome" last summer, airing thirteen episodes, and fans were immediately hooked. Based on the Stephen King novel, it's the survival story of a small town in Maine that gets cut off from the rest of society. WATCH NOW.

'Witches of East End' (Returns to Lifetime July 6th)
Based on the book of the same name, this show (there are ten episodes in the first season) chronicles the adventures of a beautiful family of witches residing in a small seaside town. Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Julia Ormond star. WATCH NOW.

'The Bridge' (Returns to FX July 9th)
Based on a Danish/Swedish series, "The Bridge" is about a duo of police detectives on either side of the Mexican/American border and their joint investigation of a serial killer. There are thirteen episodes of the Diane Kruger / Damian Bichir crime drama in Season One. WATCH NOW.

'Hemlock Grove' (Returns to Netflix July 11th)
The Eli Roth-produced horror series follows the aftermath of a teenager's murder in a town full of secrets. Watch thirteen episodes of scariness before its return. WATCH NOW.

'Masters of Sex' (Returns to Showtime July 13th)
​Showtime's period drama revolves around William Masters' and Virginia's Johnson's research on human sexuality and stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan. There are twelve episodes to sink your teeth into before July's Season Two premiere date... WATCH NOW.

'Ray Donovan' (Returns to Showtime July 13th)
​Liev Schreiber portrays Ray Donovan, a Boston-bred LA "fixer" for a big time law firm. The first season has twelve episodes. WATCH NOW.

Photo courtesy of Lifetime / Joseph Viles
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