Zach Braff and Donald Faison may have played fictional friends J.D. and Turk on the dearly departed sitcom "Scrubs," but fans know that the stars are also real life BFFs, with a delightful off-screen camaraderie that rivals that of the on-screen doctors.

The actors put their mutual affection on display during a recent Austin screening of Braff's Kickstarter-backed flick "Wish I Was Here" (Faison has a small part in the film) by performing an impromptu rendition of "Guy Love," the anthem J.D. and Turk sang to each other during the show's sixth season. While the tune perfectly and hilariously encapsulates J.D. and Turk's relationship, it also pulls double duty for Braff and Faison's friendship, too, something that fans and audience members at this weekend's screening no doubt inherently understand.

The duo crooned that "there's nothing gay about" their friendship, while noting that their relationship was akin to "marr[ying] my best friend -- but in a totally manly way." Braff also pointed out that Turk was "the only man who's even been inside" of J.D. (but as Faison quickly clarified, it was only because Turk removed J.D.'s appendix, lest you get the wrong impression).

Watch the clip and just try to keep a smile off your face. Warning: It will make you want to eagle someone at your earliest opportunity.

[via: Vulture]
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