Comedy Central's "Inside Amy Schumer" ended its second season last night and we're already salivating for a third. The raunchy blend of stand-up and sketch comedy, from the mind of Amy Schumer and her staff of writers, was filled with plenty of quote-worthy, memorable moments throughout its sophomore effort.

If you didn't watch, perhaps these clips from the second season will whet your appetite for more Amy. (There's some strong -- mostly bleeped -- language ahead, by the way:)

Behold, Amy's fast food restaurant Aaron Sorkin parody:

"I'm so bad." When it comes to food, this is a phrase we utter all too often. Just watch:
And now, every couple ever deciding what movie to watch. (We all have our own personal version of "Cocktail." Mine's "Mannequin 2: On the Move"):

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"Sauced." A gameshow where two drunk ladies make a meal out of whatever is in their fridge:
You know that thing of when your mom can't work her computer? Yeah, we all do:

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And here's our new favorite new daytime talk show, "The Nurses":
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