Like many of us who grew up in the '80s, Peter Dinklage made some questionable fashion choices. He's only human! And, again, we can all relate to having those poor style impulses frozen in time thanks to our yearbook photos. Unfortunately, once you're famous and an award-winning actor who's on the cover of magazines and stuff, it seems that those most tender, vulnerable moments become fair game. And, boy, Dinklage's mullet is a doozy.

But, like, whatever! Look at that lustrous thatch of hair! That furrowed brow! That intelligent melancholy that's searching for meaning far beyond the mundanity of having his photo snapped by some lame yearbook photographer! That yearbook photo is great, and we dare you to say otherwise.

In the meantime, folks who follow "Game of Thrones" are surely bracing themselves for what's in store for Dinklage's beloved character. No spoilers, but we're already calling our friends to see who can come over to hold us while we tune in to HBO next Sunday night.

Peter Drunklage forever!

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Photo Courtesy of Reddit
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