The latest teasers for the upcoming Halle Berry show "Extant" are a big bowl of WTF-ery... And we like it. The show revolves around Molly Woods (Berry), an astronaut who came home from a solo mission with a fetus on board, and now we're getting a better look at the family Molly was just so eager to see again. Her husband, played by Goran Visnjic, is a sort of robotic researcher/creator whose latest project is, dum dum DUM, their son Ethan. Ethan, portrayed by Pierce Gagnon, is almost as creepy as the idea of an astronaut getting magically knocked up in space, especially when he's all blank-eyed and standing over a dead bird in the woods, claiming, "It was like this when I found it." Sure it was, kid. Sure.

Watch CBS' extended first look at the series right here:

What we know so far: there's a spaceship named the Seraphim; an eerie robot child whose "father" is angered by the suggestion he might some day have to deactivate his progeny; a mystery fetus from outer space; some babe who appeared in Molly's spaceship; suspicious government types; and fringe paranoiacs. Buckle up, 'cause it's going to be a bumpy ride.

"Extant" lands on Wednesday, July 9 at 9/8c on CBS.