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After inspiring fistfights over merchandise and divorce over disagreements on the film's merits, it's nice to hear that something positive is coming out of fans' obsession with "Frozen": Norway, the setting that inspired the animated flick's fictional city of Arendelle, has seen a huge bump in tourism thanks to its ties to the movie.

The Associated Press reports that hotels in the country have seen a 37 percent increase in bookings compared with the first quarter of 2013, and tour operators have also received a 40 percent spike in profits during that same time frame. That's in addition to a 57 percent jump in the number of New York-based flights that have come in to Oslo Airport Gardermoen, also in the first quarter of 2014.

That's no accident, according to Harald Hansen, a U.S. spokesman for Visit Norway, who told the AP that the country has been working with Disney on marketing itself to "Frozen" lovers in the U.S. Hansen said that the fjord region has proven most popular with tourists so far, but visitors are also flocking to Oslo and Northern Norway to see the Northern Lights, which make an appearance in the film.

Such trips aren't cheap -- tour company Adventures by Disney is charging more than $5,000 per person for a "Frozen"-centric jaunt to the specific fjord that inspired Arendelle -- but Disney-obsessed families with cash to burn are willing to pay the price.

Per the AP:

Pilar Clark, a mom of two who lives outside Chicago and who contributes to's Disney section, took a Disney tour of Scotland after seeing the movie "Brave" and is now considering signing up for Disney's Norway trip. "When there is a connection that kids can understand, it becomes a win-win," she said. "The kids are saying, 'Let's go to Norway! Can we go to Arendelle?'"

It seems the rest of us will just have to wait until winter and build a snowman in our boring American backyards.

[via: Associated Press, h/t The A.V. Club]

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