LeVar Burton, the former lieutenant commander of the Starship Enterprise, has been making headlines lately for attempting to revamp his beloved PBS series "Reading Rainbow." He recently started a Kickstarter campaign for the revival, one that proved so popular that it brought Burton to tears (yes, seriously). And if you want to know what the intro to the new "Reading Rainbow" could look like, well, take a look at this Funny or Die clip (via Gawker).

In the spoof, set to the original theme song by Steve Horelick, Dennis Neil Kleinman and Janet Weir, Burton starts to imagine the truly limitless powers associated with a life full of reading. And things turn dark and scary and profoundly hysterical. This is also the first Funny or Die video that could have plausibly been scripted by original "Watchmen" writer Alan Moore.

Just watch it. And have your giddy sense of nostalgia curdle before your eyes.

Reading Rainbow TV Show Poster
Reading Rainbow
TVYJuly 27, 1983

Adventures stimulate an interest in reading; host LeVar Burton. Read More

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