Game of Thrones DeathsIn case you haven't heard, "A Song of Fire and Ice" author George RR Martin is now offering to write fans into his next books -- for a cool $20,000. Naturally, part of the deal is the character will "certainly meet a grisly death" and, well, that got us thinking... how would we want to be axed off?

Here are the 5 coolest ways to die on "Game of Thrones" (spoilers ahead):

Death by Dragon
Alright, admittedly, burning to death definitely sucks, but just to be in the presence of dragons would be pretty amazing. If Martin planned to write me in as one of those goats that get torched (and devoured), then I might have a bone to pick, but dying at the hands wings of a mythological fire-breathing creature would be cool with me.
Game of Thrones Deaths
Trial by Combat
Trial by Combat is one of the most exciting elements of "Game of Thrones." Period. So, what better way to die by the hand of George RR Martin (a.k.a. the Grim Reaper) than in a climatic fight scene with a huge crowd on all sides and the gods watching overhead? I can only hope my death would mean life for a favorite character, too -- but this, of course, will never happen.
Game of Thrones Death
Skull Crushed
I mean... that's a horribly brutal way to die. But, people will be talking about it (ahem you) for a long time after. You just can't unsee that.
Game of Thrones
Death by Poison
While actually dying from poison would be a rough way to go (just look at that purple face), it also means, though, that I was important enough to be secretly and strategically killed. Joffrey may have been a totally worthless human being, but he was King. Men with power get poisoned, butcher's boys are just run down with not a worry in the world.
Game of Thrones
Murdered by Arya
If I'm in any way part of Arya's path to redemption, I'd be happy -- even if that means dying in the process. But, really, Arya has been through endless tragedy and gotten so close to reuniting with family that it's impossible not to root for her revenge. Also, her storyline with the Hound is captivating and arguably the best of the season. All you have to do is listen to their conversations to understand the themes of Season 4. Valar Morghulis.
Game of Thrones

How would you like to face death on "Game of Thrones"?

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