nicolas cage guns n rosesIt's always funny when you see that guy (or gal) at a show: the person who wears the band T-shirt to the band that they're seeing. It's a little redundant and goofy and unnecessarily super-fan-ish, especially since these are the people who are most likely to buy another T-shirt from that same band at the concert. But what are the rules when you're Nicolas Cage and you go to a concert wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with Nicolas Cage? Is that alright? Or what's the deal?

Guns N' Roses, who, yes, are still touring, posted a photo to their official Instagram account (via Vulture) of The One True God standing next to Andrew Dice Clay backstage at a show the band performed in Las Vegas. And the photo is more incredible than "Use Your Illusion 1" and "2" put together. First of all, Andrew Dice Clay is still sticking to his "Dice Man" look, complete with leather jacket, fingerless gloves, and trailer park sideburns, even though we all know he's a much more accomplished and mature performer now (hello, "Blue Jasmine!") It's kind of sad and kind of inspiring at the same time. But the truly amazing thing is Cage's get-up: he's wearing more beads than a topless Mardi Gras enthusiast, his pants have weird leather embellishments, he's got Liberace-levels of rings, and is carrying a walking stick, or possible magical scepter. To top it all off, he's wearing a T-shirt that features a photo of his face (it looks like it might be from "Raising Arizona"). It's almost too good.

We'll leave you now to study the photo, print out a copy, and hang it delicately in your cubicle so all of your coworkers can walk by, realize how awesome you are, and ask you to party.

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