2014 Tony Awards - Press Room
Fresh off big wins at Sunday's Tonys ceremony, "All the Way," a play about the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson, may now be headed to television.

Deadline reports that none other than Steven Spielberg is interested in adapting the Best Play winner into a miniseries, and he wants Bryan Cranston, who snagged the Best Lead Actor in a Play statuette, to reprise his role as LBJ. According to the trade, Spielberg has seen "All the Way" several times and already has relationships with both its author, Robert Schenkkan, and Cranston, and is currently in the process of optioning the play.

"All the Way" begins with President John F. Kennedy's assassination and Johnson's assumption of power, and focuses on key early moments in his presidency, including his passage of the Civil Rights Act and his landslide reelection. Deadline notes that if the miniseries idea takes flight, another play about Johnson could also be worked into later installments, and would most likely be based on "The Kentucky Cycle," also written by Schenekkan and focusing on the latter years of LBJ's presidency.

It's still unclear which network would air the miniseries, since Spielberg has worked with HBO before, while Cranston has a relationship with AMC thanks to his longtime run on "Breaking Bad." But Deadline reports that the deal is set to happen quickly, so expect those details to be worked out soon. (Also expect the possibility of Cranston being nominated for yet another Emmy.)

[via: Deadline, h/t Coming Soon]

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