Premiere Of Screen Gems'
It's weird how Lifetime movies now have a certain knowingly campy sheen. Whether it's Lindsay Lohan playing Liz Taylor or the "Flowers in the Attic" remake, you know what you're getting when you sit down to watch a Lifetime Original film. And sometimes a "Lifetime movie" holds the same so-bad-it's-good cache as a "Syfy movie." Now the network is tackling an upcoming Whitney Houston biopic and thankfully, they found a pretty great star to anchor the project.

Yaya DaCosta, who famously made waves during cycle 3 of "America's Next Top Model," will star as the addled pop star whose songs still make us dance in our seat if they come on the radio (according to Entertainment Weekly). DaCosta is so cute that staring at her photo for too long will probably cause brain damage. So just keep that in mind.

Since taking second place in the reality modeling competition, DaCosta has made appearances on "All My Children," "Ugly Betty," and "House," and had a role in last year's overwrought historical drama "Lee Daniels' The Butler." It is unclear whether or not she will sing in the movie, or lip synch adorably.

"Whitney Houston," as the project is currently known, will be directed by Angela Bassett, which better not interfere with her involvement in the next season of "American Horror Story." (For those of you playing along, Bassett co-starred with Houston in "Waiting to Exhale.") DaCosta is the first major cast member to secure a role, although the film is supposedly centered around her tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown, which is a juicy role for any young actor, we're sure.

The movie will air sometime in 2015. We'll be waiting.

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