Anyone who's ever watched "The Walking Dead" and wondered what they'd do if faced with a zombie apocalypse now has a chance to live out that scenario: The BBC is launching a reality show about surviving an (entirely fictional) undead plague.

The show, straightforwardly titled "I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse," will focus on eight people who are trapped in a mall and set upon by "zombies," a.k.a. actors playing the part of the creatures who crave brains. As for just how far those actors will go to simulate their undead brethren, that's unclear, though producers have noted that once a contestant is "bitten," he or she will "leave the show in a grisly style."

BBC brass said that the series will "challenge contestants' wits and decision-making and require them to use 'urban survival tactics,'" but added that "I Survived" is also very much "a tongue-in-cheek game show."

"It's nice to finally have a game show where if you get a challenge wrong, you get your arms ripped off and your brains eaten out," executive producer Andrew Brereton said in a statement.

"I think people will die to be a part of it," added BBC Three Entertainment Commissioner Ruby Kuraishe.

"I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse" doesn't have a premiere date yet, but viewers can expect plenty more terrible zombie puns from the BBC until then.

[via: BBC, h/t The A.V. Club]

Image courtesy of Gene Page/AMC
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