Capitalizing on the popularity of its Super Bowl counterprogramming "Puppy Bowl" event, Animal Planet announced this week that it will stage a "World Pup" tournament online, coinciding with the beginning of soccer's World Cup.

While the "Puppy Bowl" is all about ogling the cute little creatures, the "World Pup" will involve a bracket and online voting from animal lovers. Viewers will be presented with a series of videos chronicling the dog that best represents a certain country (an Alaskan Malamute from the U.S., for example, or a French Bulldog from France), then vote for their favorite, with matches pitting each pup against each other until a top dog is crowned.

Competition begins Thursday, June 12th (the same day as the World Cup), and wraps up on July 10. The stars of the online videos can be viewed 24/7 via Animal Planet's L!VE Puppy Cam, where they'll have the opportunity to kick some soccer balls around, just like their futbol star brethren.

The full lineup of matches is available on Animal Planet's website. May the best pooch win!

[via: Animal Planet]

Photo courtesy of Associated Press
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