neighbors sequel seth rogenFresh off its excellent box office debut, "Neighbors" may soon be getting a sequel.

That's the word from star and producer Seth Rogen, who said during a recent appearance at the Produced By conference that he and "Neighbors" co-producer Evan Goldberg have been taking meetings with studio brass about the possibility of a follow-up to the hit comedy. And while "Neighbors 2" is still not a sure thing -- so far the studio hasn't indicated whether or not it will move forward on a second installment -- Rogen seemed to suggest that at the very least there was some interest in revisiting the concept.

If "Neighbors 2" does get the official green light, it will have to wait for Rogen's busy schedule to clear up before production can begin. Rogen's company, Point Grey, is currently trying to get "Jazz Cops," a 1950s-set comedy co-starring Rogen and Kevin Hart, off the ground. Plus, Rogen is hard at work on "Sausage Party," his quirky R-rated animated flick about a lost sausage link in a grocery store, and Point Grey is also putting the finishing touches on "The Interview," a Rogen vehicle that's slated for release October 10.

So for now, put "Neighbors 2" in the "maybe" column. And as Screen Rant points out, the first flick didn't really leave any loose threads that were in desperate need of tying at its end, so a sequel may not even make sense. Then again, studios love a moneymaker, and if a follow-up can be put together for a similarly small budget ("Neighbors" cost an estimated $18 million) and reap similar rewards ($49 million opening weekend) then it seems like a no-brainer.

Stay tuned.

[via: Deadline, h/t Screen Rant]

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