Just like Marvel likes to throw in Easter eggs in their movies to tease upcoming storylines, DC Comics is doing the same for its television shows.

The new trailer for NBC's "Constantine" features mostly the same footage as we saw in the first one, but with a few fresh shots, including one that should excite DC fans.

Around 48 seconds into the video, Constantine (Matt Ryan) finds a dusty old helmet. That helmet belongs to Doctor Fate, a longstanding DC Comics character. Doctor Fate -- who could be a man or woman -- is a powerful sorcerer and a member of the hero group Justice Society of America.

With DC ramping up its television presence, this could mean an arc for Doctor Fate to lead into a spinoff territory (of course, only if "Constantine" itself is successful). But perhaps Doctor Fate could become a key character in the show itself...

Either way, it seems there's plenty of magic coming to NBC this fall.

"Constantine" premieres Friday, Oct. 24.

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