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Moviefone's Top DVD of the Week
"True Detective: The Complete First Season"
What's It About? This creepy HBO series stars Woody Harrelson and
Matthew McConaughey as troubled detectives on the hunt for a killer in 1995, and as the possible subjects of an investigation in the present day. The crazy conspiracies and weird worldviews presented by writer/creator Nic Pizzolatto and the masterful direction by Cary Fukunaga make this a series to obsess over. Time overlaps as our antagonists and their associates are interviewed in the
Why We're IN: The Internet exploded with theories about "True Detective," and although they didn't necessarily prove to be fruitful, there's still plenty to examine and re-examine in each episode. Plus, there are audio commentaries, deleted scenes, interviews, and other behind-the-scenes goodies.

Moviefone's Top Blu-ray of the Week
"All That Heaven Allows" (Criterion)
What's It About? Jane Wyman stars as a rich widow named Cary who falls in love with her gardener, Ron (Rock Hudson). Naturally, everyone around Cary doesn't think this is such a hot idea, and she goes along with their snootiness until she realizes how lame it is to let everyone else tell her who and how to love. Douglas Sirk does it again!
Why We're IN: The digital restoration alone is worth adding this to your collection, but extras like essays by Laura Mulvey and Rainer Werner Fassbinder make this a must-have for any cinephile.

New on DVD and Blu-ray
"Adult World"
What's It About? Emma Roberts plays a wanna-be poet who takes a job in a mom-and-pop adult bookstore while also working as an assistant to a grumpy, somewhat reclusive writer. John Cusack is pretty much the best thing in this indie, as the biting Rat Billings. Evan Peters plays her co-worker Alex, and Cloris Leachman has an all-too-small part as one of the owners of the adult book store.
IN or OUT: Out!

"Alan Partridge"
What's It About? TV and radio personality Alan Partridge is one of Steve Coogan's most famous (and hilarious) roles. Once again, Alan finds himself in a terrible predicament -- in this case, a co-worker takes the station hostage after he gets canned -- and bungles his way in and out of it with his typically annoying tendencies.
IN or OUT: Fans of the character will dig it, and newbies who find this sort of British humor up their alley will want to dig up past Partridge shows.

"Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey"
What's It About? Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson picks up where Carl Sagan left off in this 13-episode series about the scientific wonders of our universe.
IN or OUT: Definitely in!

"Devil's Knot"
What's It About? Atom Egoyan's long-gestating narrative about the unsolved murders of three little boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, and the frenzy over three teen suspects is inspired by the West Memphis Three case, and the true crime book by Mara Leveritt. Unfortunately for everyone involved, there have already been four documentaries about the case that covered it more thoroughly.
IN or OUT: Out. If you're interested in the case of the WM3, check out "West of Memphis" by Amy Berg, or any of the "Paradise Lost" docs by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky.

"Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit"
What's It About? Chris Pine takes over Jack Ryan duties in the latest installment of the action series. This time around, the CIA analyst is working to stop a terrorist plot hatched by Russians to cripple Wall Street. Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley, and "Jack Ryan" director Kenneth Branagh co-star.

WATCH: Go behind-the-scenes on the Target Exclusive "Jack Ryan" featurette (VIDEO)
What's It About? Liam Neeson stars a US Air Marshall who is trying to use his particular set of skills to keep a murderous baddie from killing off passengers one by one. Can he figure out who's sending him threatening mid-air text messages before people start dying? Michelle Dockery, Julianne Moore, and Lupita Nyong'o are all aboard.

EXCLUSIVE: Liam Neeson on the claustrophobic filming of "Non-Stop" (VIDEO)

"Ray Donovan: Season One"
What's It About? Liev Schreiber stars as the eponymous Ray Donovan, a fixer whose probs are compounded when his shady pops (Jon Voight) is sprung from prison.
IN or OUT: Critics dig this Showtime drama.

"Resurrection: The Complete First Season"
What's It About? The folks of Arcadia, Missouri, are forced to confront their pasts when their loved ones return to life. The ABC show is based on the book "The Returned" by Jason Mott and isn't related to the French TV series "Les Revenants," or the film that "Les Revenants" is based on. So many undead, so little time.
IN or OUT: We're biased, but the Sundance series "Les Revenants" is so darn good that it's hard to recommend "Resurrection."

"Rizzoli & Isles: The Complete Fourth Season"
What's It About? Police detective Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) and medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) are like day and night, but they're buddies and they solve crimes together. What a team!
IN or OUT: The TNT series is still going strong, but you might want to save your hard-earned money for something more collectible.

"Tim's Vermeer"
What's It About? This doc directed by Teller (of Penn and Teller fame) is about an inventor named Tim Jenison, and his mission to figure out how Vermeer created photorealistic paintings well before the advent of photography.
IN or OUT: Critics love this fascinating doc, and maybe you will too.

New to Blu-ray
"L'Eclisse" (Criterion)
What's It About? The fabulous Monica Vitti stars as Vittoria, whose love affair with Piero (Alain Delon) is doomed, mostly because Piero is a materialistic stockbroker. This is the third film in Michelangelo Antonioni's trilogy, preceded by "L'Avventura" and "La Notte."
IN or OUT: Have you been longing to complete you Antonioni collection? This one's for you.

"The Mechanic" (1972)
What's It About? Charles Bronson stars as a hit man whose carefully curated life is shaken up when he takes on an eager intern.
IN or OUT: "The Mechanic" got mixed reviews, but Bronson fans might want to pick up this limited edition Blu-ray.