"Pretty Little Liars" Season 5 begins airing tonight and after a dramatic Season 4 with a whole mess of loose ends, fans are sure hoping for some answers upon the show's return.

From its start in Season 1, the ABC Family mystery series has been just that: a big ole mystery. There are always twists, turns, and secrets in Rosewood and the liars (not to mention, the audience) are never quite sure who to trust.

Here are some questions for Season 5:

Who shot Ezra?
Ezra got hit in the Season 4 finale and apparently he knows just who's behind it. Will we? And what does this mean for his relationship with Aria?

Is Mrs. DiLaurentis dead?
Last time we saw Jessica DiLaurentis, she was thrown into a grave. If we've learned anything from our "Pretty Little" pasts, that doesn't necessarily mean things are final. And do we know who killed her?

What exactly did Melissa whisper in the Season 4 finale?
Melissa Hastings whispered a little something to her father at the police station and his reaction was chock full of shock. What do you think she revealed?

Will Hanna and Caleb ever be back together?
When Caleb returns, will Hanna eventually give him another chance? Now that Travis is in the picture, what can we expect when it comes to this "PLL" couple? Love triangle alert!

How will Alison fit in to the Liars' group?
How will the girls trust Ali after all they have been through? (And they've been through A LOT.) And is she even telling the truth? Their dynamic is sure to be shaken up now that their formerly supposed dead BFF is back in the mix.

What are your "Pretty Little Liars" burning questions? And who do you think is "A" is at this point?

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