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Free Grumpy Cat!

We are huge advocates of adorable animals on the Internet, but can we give Grumpy Cat a break? The frowny-faced feline has become a cottage industry after being "discovered" on Reddit. Besides the usual T-shirts and calendars and books, there's even Grumppuccino™ Coffee, SXSW appearances, and front row seats at the MTV Movie Awards.

Now the cat known as Tardar Sauce to her friends and loved ones is getting her very own feature film, "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever." (Actually, if anyone can really express the down side of Christmas, it would be this sad little cat that was born with a morose expression.) In the film, Grumpy is a sad kitty stuck in a pet store that never gets picked for a forever home until she encounters a young gal "who can communicate with her." That's in quotes because we're not sure how one communicates with a cat. Psychically? Verbally? Paw gestures? Usually our cats communicate by leaving us "gifts" around the house.

Anyway, Lifetime's Arturo Interian describes it as "a little 'Home Alone' and a little 'Die Hard,'" and promises appearances from what's referred to as "other famous Internet memes," which we can only hope means CATS CATS CATS! Not to play favorites, but Lil Bub and Princess Monster Truck are two pretty awesome creatures whose humans do a lot to raise awareness of animals in shelters who need forever homes. Just saying.

Tim Hill, the mad genius behind "Rocko's Modern Life" and "SpongeBob SquarePants," is writing the script with Jeff Morris. There's currently no director attached, although shooting is slated to begin this summer. They're also searching for that magical person who will be the voice of Grumpy. Although the real-life Grumpy is a girl, we nominate Benedict Cumberbatch, mostly for the photo ops.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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