CBS 2013 Upfront Presentation
"NCIS" is crazy popular, but not just among American television viewers. It Is now officially the most-watched television drama series in the world.

The CBS drama received the International Television Audience Award for a Drama TV Series at today's 54th Monte-Carlo Television Festival. The prize is given out to shows with the biggest audiences in three categories -- drama, comedy, and soap operas.

"NCIS" won the drama category with more than 57 million viewers in 2013.

"As 'NCIS' enters its 12th season, we couldn't be happier to learn we're now the #1 drama in the world," said star/executive producer Mark Harmon and executive producer Gary Glasberg.

"It's no secret that determination and teamwork have allowed our cast and crew to continue to deliver a show we're truly proud of. We also know we wouldn't be here without the support and loyalty of the best fans in television. Thanks to our worldwide audience for helping us start the new season off right."

Guess people of all nations enjoy watching the "NCIS" team solve crimes every week.

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