In the main trailer for "Dolphin Tale 2" -- debuting exclusively on Moviefone -- all seems well with Winter, the dolphin rescued and given a new tail in the 2011 original flick. Dolphin Tale 2 - Trailer No. 1

But soon, the porpoise starts acting odd, and it's discovered that she needs another female dolphin to live with -- or else she risks being taken away from her home. Not content to lose Winter, the film's young protagonists spring into action to find her a companion, and stumble upon another rescue dolphin, a small female they nickname Hope.

Their problems aren't completely solved, though, as Hope needs plenty of rehabilitation herself before she can be paired with Winter. Will the young dolphin be ready before the threat to take Winter away becomes a reality?

Though we've got a sneaking suspicion that everything works out alright in the end for Winter and Hope, this sequel seems like a natural follow-up to its predecessor, filled with heartwarming moments and family-friendly comedy that's destined to appeal to moviegoers of all ages.

"Dolphin Tale 2," starring Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr., and surfer Bethany Hamilton, hits theaters in September 12.

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Dolphin Tale 2
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