Former president Bill Clinton has experience with real-life scandal, and Shonda Rhimes reveals he would be her dream guest star for "Scandal" on the small screen.

Speaking with E! during the Women In Film's Crystal + Lucy Awards on Wednesday night, Rhimes said that while she wasn't particularly interested in stunt-casting on her political fixer show, she'd make an exception for Clinton.

"That's not really our thing, but I will say, 'Bill Clinton, if you're out there, we would love to have you. ... We would always love to have you,'" Rhimes told E!

The showrunner added that part of the reason why she didn't want any real-life politicians on the show was because she didn't think they'd jibe well with "Scandal"'s subversive tone.

"There are always interesting politicians out there who would be interesting [to have on the show], but our show is a very heightened, very dark view of Washington," Rhimes said. "I don't think really Bill Clinton or any of those people belong in our Washington."

[via: E!]

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