the interview trailerThe plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un involves booze, dancing, and a cute puppy in "The Interview," the latest big-screen pairing of Seth Rogen and James Franco.

In the first teaser trailer for the high-concept comedy, Rogen and Franco play a producer and host, respectively, of a celebrity tabloid TV show that is beloved by the North Korean dictator. The duo score an interview with Kim, but are intercepted by the CIA before they take off for Pyongyang, and recruited to kill off the leader instead.

If the idea of Rogen and Franco becoming trained assassins sounds ridiculous, it looks pretty ridiculous, too, though that's no doubt part of "The Interview"'s charm. When a member of the CIA brass, played by Lizzy Caplan, tries to explain to the men that Kim has his people so brainwashed that they believe when he claims that he doesn't urinate or defecate, Rogen and Franco begin arguing about the veracity of that statement.

As with any Rogen-Franco pairing, there's also a healthy dose of bromance, including one surprisingly touching moment where they whisper that they love each other. Such sentiment seems to be balanced in equal measure by pratfalls and plenty of violence, another trademark of these two.

"The Interview" opens on October 10.

[via: Vanity Fair]

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