Governor Chris Christie stopped by "The Tonight Show" last night and he and Jimmy Fallon put on their best polos and khakis to engage in a little something called "The Evolution of Dad Dancing." Fatherly moves included the "don't make me turn this car around" and the "you Look great honey, we're late." It's great, and Christie totally commits:

Robert Pattinson chatted up Jimmy Kimmel and explained why he "makes up a lot of lies for no reason." It's something to do with "extraordinarily heavy saliva." Conversation then turned to spitting erotically. Yup. Watch Pattinson get real about his drool right here:

Surprise! Chris Rock totally crashed Seth Meyers' monologue. "Do the next joke" he heckled and then continued to respond to each punch line in his own hilarious way:

Rock also made the rounds on "The Tonight Show" and announced his new tour:

Rob Riggle was on "ChelseaLately" to talk all things "22 Jump Street." He even recalled a story behind a particular scene from the first movie that involved a bloody banana...:

Did you know Regis Philbin hitchhiked? Check out his tale of hitching a ride via a random NYC van from his "David Letterman" appearance. Oh, Rege: