Last night's episode of "Game of Thrones" was unbelievably awesome (save for one notable omission, which would have made the nearly year-long wait for next season unbearable) and included one of our very favorite elements of the series: The Hound and Arya bickering. Ah, yes. Even if this is the last time the two trade barbed words (um, spoiler alert), we had some fun times, didn't we?

Thankfully, in order to commemorate their squabbling, Vulture has assembled a minute long + supercut of all of the times they verbally sparred with one another. No matter what kingdom you pledge allegiance to – this is really funny and awesome and, in some small way, will help tide you over until next year. Why is it so long until the next season? I feel like a chained up dragon calling out for its hot bleach blond mother!

If you haven't seen "Game of Thrones" yet, which I can only blame on a prolonged prison sentence or tenure on a space station located in the deepest recesses of our galaxy, it's probably best that you not watch this montage.

Image courtesy of Helen Sloan/HBO
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