It's a sad day for fans of HBO fantasy favorite "Game of Thrones." The fourth season has come to a close and it feels as though Sunday nights just won't be the same for a while. Sure, the series has been renewed for fifth and sixth seasons (yay!), but if we look at the pattern of its past premieres, we probably won't be seeing more until Spring of 2015 (boo.)

Don't fret. Here are some similar shows to try out while you're eagerly waiting the return of "Thrones":

1. 'Reign'
This CW show chronicles Mary, Queen of Scots and her rise to power. There's royalty, sexual intrigue, and history. Bonus! There are only 22 episodes to catch up on...
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2. 'Once Upon a Time'
ABC's fairy tale fantasy extravaganza is filled with the stories of everyone's favorite storybook royalty, heroes, and villains. Watch how they came to be and how they live in the "real world." Season 4 premieres this fall.
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3. '
This BBC One drama all about wizardry, magic, and adventure follows King Arthur and his wizard, Merlin. It ran for 5 seasons until 2012.
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4. 'Downton Abbey'
OK, it's not exactly an epic fantasy, but British period series "Downton Abbey" is chock full of riveting familial and class conflict. This good old fashioned aristocratic society drama has plenty of characters to get attached to! Season 5 premieres in 2014.
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5. 'The Tudors'
Showtime's period drama "The Tudors" is a juicy, sexy look at Henry VIII's long reign over England. There are 4 seasons to indulge in.
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6. 'The White Queen'
Based on the historical novels, "The Cousins' War," this Starz (it originally aired on BBC One) series is set in 1464 against the backdrop of The Wars of the Roses and is filled with romance and family drama.
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7. 'Vikings'
History's period drama tells the epic tale of mythological Norse warrior, Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. Season 3 premieres in 2015.
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8. 'Xena: Warrior Princess'
Sure, this is a little bit of a throwback, but why not give the cult classic a go? The "Hercules" spinoff set in ancient Greece follows heroic warrior Xena as she battles evil.
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9. 'Doctor Who'
Revamped back in 2005, "Doctor Who" surrounds "the doctor," a time and space jumping time lord who fights monsters, aliens, and solves the problems of the universe. Have some time yourself? Start now and enjoy...
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Image courtesy of Jonathan Hession / History Channel
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