Brian Williams Rapping Baby Got Back
Does Brian Williams rapping (thanks to the digital magic of one obsessive Jimmy Fallon staffer) ever get old? No, it does not. Especially when he's rapping the Sir Mix-A-Lot classic, "Baby Got Back." Kathie Lee Gifford provides the "makin' me so horny" line, of course.

Also on Fallon, Keenen Ivory Wayans shared his personal experience of why it's a bad idea to scare kids from the projects at summer camp.

On "Jimmy Kimmel Live," L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti stopped by to collect on his Stanley Cup bet with New York mayor Bill de Blasio: Since the New York Rangers lost to the Los Angeles Kings, de Blasio had to sing "I Love L.A." "This is a hostage situation," he told Jimmy.

Kimmel couldn't resist replaying Garcetti's "pottymouthed" moment earlier in the day at the Kings rally, when he dropped the F-bomb. (Intact in this news clip, but bleeped in some rare Necessary Censorship on "Jimmy Kimmel Live.")

Speaking of sports, Chelsea Handler admitted she didn't even know L.A. had a hockey team, so she had to have the World Cup explained to her.

And speaking of censorship, Jason Biggs was bleeped on "ChelseaLately" as he described the "celebrity oversharing experts" who analyzed how he announced his baby's birth on Instagram.

Seth Meyers replayed the scariest moment of his life, aka, that time when Chris Rock crashed his monologue and nearly gave the host a heart attack. "I put my hand on my heart," Meyers laments of his less-than-dignified reaction, comparing himself to the Dowager Countess on "Downton Abbey."

While on "Late Show With David Letterman," Susan Sarandon chatted about road trips, since she was there to promote her new road-movie comedy with Melissa McCarthy, Tammy. Which, naturally, led to her advising Dave he'll now have plenty of time for his own escapade-filled road trip. Susan, we've never seen anyone pet their pooch quite so compulsively.

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